xSoft Contact Manager

xSoft Contact Manager is a monthly subscription, starting at R1200 per month for a 1 to 5 user entry level.

Software Users:

  • 10 User – R2400 pm
  • 15 User – R3600 pm
  • 20 User – R4800 pm
  • 25 User – R6000 pm

Registration and installation once off at R1500.

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“Nothing happens …until a sale happens!”

Right now, more than ever, your business velocity will make or break the sale.

The sales team has existing clients, and new prospects. Jointly they are the lifeblood.of the business and resulting revenue.

Treating the existing client with the respect due is paramount to return business. With a low aquisition cost this is the least costly, and therefore one of the most profitable of the revenue streams in any business.

The new prospects, though more expensive to aquire, add exciting income opportunities that must be harvested, with sales service levels that create a lasting impression. Speedy and effective communication of available vehicle stock is the moat critical function that underpins any future profitable business interaction.

Sales need an operational hub enabling the sales team seamless access to the showroom stock, for fast, efficient and effective goal orientated sales functionality.

The Xsoft Contact Manager automatically populates the available stock into the Contact Manager showroom to allow the sales individual to send, using email or SMS, the right stock to the right client.

Seconds that set up transaction opportunities.

More Features:

  • Send Vehicle (or Product) details to One Client, or to a Group of Prospects
  • Set Up Groups ie Luxury, 4X4, Sedan, SUV, 4×4 Detailing, Luxury Accessorizing
  • Simply typing the Brand/Model name in search updates list in real time
  • See numbers of vehicles available on Dashboard
  • See Total Sales of month on Dashboard
  • Calendar shows appointments as set with clients/prospects
  • Special birthday panel
  • Contact Clients on anniversary of purchases


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