WorkSoft SQL

SQL is a database version of the time tested and proven WorkSoft software. This robust and scalable solution provides for clients that, typically, have more than 15 users. A managed database solution available for those that require offsite database hosting.

Manage your workshop with an easy to use but powerful Jobcard System. You can create quotations and then convert them to a Jobcard with the push of a button. Control your stock and manage your staff’s hours. When the job is finished, convert it to an invoice and post it to the debtors system.

Yearly licence fee payable from year 2.


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The system will control your Jobs, from the moment the vehicle is booked in, so that you know exactly what is happening with each Job. You can generate Purchase Orders per Job and when the stock arrives WorkSoft will automatically post the transaction to the specific Job and Creditor. If the addition Stock Module is installed your stock will also be updated, giving you full view of stock movement, and identifying most lucrative items to carry in stock instead of money held in dead slow moving items. All of this is a massive Reduction of Risk to your business. With the optional SMS system your Client can be updated with work in progress or when Job is finished.

When the Job is complete WorkSoft will generate a Invoice and update your Debtors system. WorkSoft will also update your Staff’s accounts so that you will know exactly what each one has done for the Day and Month to Date. The costing system will also be updated and a breakdown per Cost centre can be printed by either per Job or all Jobs. The system will also keep a history for all Jobcards for easy reference.

Start growing your reputation, and your bottom line.


  • Complete Creditors System
  • Stock Control
  • Worksheets
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Job’s in progress, Job’s Invoices etc.
  • Invoice Generator
  • SMS client after job is done or job is in progress
  • Cost Centres – summaries costs per cost Job and Jobs to date.
  • Vehicle Record
  • Costing
  • Debtors System with Statements & Reporting
  • Purchase Ordering
  • Jobcards
  • Quotations


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