Caretasking our Fragile Human Heritage. (Caretasking – considered activities of caring and deeply mindful custodians).

Yearly licence fee payable from year 2.

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Managing the administration of residents expectations effectively and efficiently. Taking care of all related record keeping, including the ability to attach relevant files to the users account. Ensuring that all activities are both, tracked for invoicing, and delivered as invoiced. The caretasking of each individual is recorded accurately, enabling the institution to provide premier service to its residents.

Guarantee the delivery and care of services that showcase your unique offering.

Provide family and friends with peace of mind.

Caretasking is the job of taking care of our precious human heritage both effectively as well as efficiently.

More Features:

  • Resident Personal Details
  • Financial Documents
  • Medical Records Attached
  • Family Contact Details
  • Allocation of all Caretasking ie Cleaning, Maintenance, Medical etc.
  • Tracking of all Caretasking ie Completed or Incomplete




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