BreakerSoft A+

The Breaker Yard system was developed to help the user to control the vehicles once they are broken up for spares. The system will track all sales and give the user full reporting and search facilities.

Yearly licence fee payable from year 2.


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The A+ as Included with this software is the AccSoft accounting suite comprising of:

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Invoicing
  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger

BreakerSoft will enable you to get maximum profit from each car. From the time the car is entered into the system, BreakerSoft will not only accurately and individually cost, and then find such stock items using the search facility, but also track their sales, providing comprehensive reporting when required.

BreakerSoft allows 999 parts per vehicle. In addition to that 400 of these have been preconfigured, by XSoft, for your convenience and ease of operation. For example Engine as part 001 and Gearbox as part 002, thereby greatly reducing stock admin. This predefined configuration allows you to capture a vehicle in 5 minutes. Literally. Now that the vehicle is loaded BreakerSoft will track all sales on that vehicle

BreakerSoft allocates a number to each part and you can then print barcodes for each of the parts, if so require. Management will then be able to see what parts were originally on the vehicle, and if sold, to which customer they were sold. All this without any additional administration. This means powerful management information available immediately.

Each of the sales point (POS) can be individually configured, using cash drawer, pole display, printers etc., to suit the service levels that management specify for their customers.

BreakerSoft provides you with the statutory reporting, your business must have, directly from the sales invoice. Printing such a report, ie a police register, is simply a push of a button.

Secondhand Vehicle Registers allow access to all vehicle sales and purchasing information.

The powerful search capability that tells you exactly where the stock item is, resulting in superior client service.

BreakerSoft also gives you Debtors control and invoicing right from point of sale. The Debtors facility prints Statements in addition to easy to understand Debtors reporting.

Salesman reporting enables management to optimize employee value to the company.

Stripper reports give management control, over yard staffing costs, to ensure profitability in this problematic area.

All modules are set up using passwords, to give different levels of access depending on roles assigned to them, to management and staff that use BreakerSoft.

Start streamlining your business, growing your reputation for excellence of service, and your profit margins.


  • You can help a client by searching your stock for a part – Generate a picking list – no more guessing or unwanted clients in your yard.
  • Powerful search module on stock to speed up client service to levels unmatched before.
  • Control your Debtor Accounts with Invoicing and Credit Control
  • Reprint invoices for follow up or police queries
  • System tracks all sales and can at any time
  • Break up each vehicle into their individual parts
  • “5 Minute Car Add” Take Vehicle into stock – That simple, elegant…and Fast!
  • Pre-configured stock – start selling immediately!

System can be Setup to Link to:

  • Pole Display
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Cash Drawers
  • Invoice Printer
  • Cash slip Printer
  • Barcode Printers


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