AutoSoft A+

Manage your business success by growing all the critical revenue streams, from vehicle sales through to workshop income, driving your business profitability. Ensure that you and your team no longer waste time and money with non-profit generating administration. Let customers experience service levels that grow your reputation in the industry.

Yearly licence fee payable from year 2.


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The A+ as Included with this software is the AccSoft accounting suite comprising of:

  • Debtors
  • Creditors
  • Invoicing
  • Cashbook
  • General Ledger

You will be driving your Dealer Management System software so lets start by building your DMS specifications and options… oh dear!… I forgot to mention… you have very few options, because when you buy this premier luxury software “vehicle”, it already has most functions, as standard, right now, off the floor. Pretty much like one of your own top end vehicles when your client takes delivery..

Having done this for nationally for over 25 years, across close to 500 companies (meaning thousands of users within those companies), we understand that you, as the astute entrepreneur, prefers paying once off for your products, and getting good value for the buck.

When you buy a car, having paid for it, we know that you dont want to be burdened with the additional cost of paying off any exorbitant sums of money every month, over and over again, forever, other than services, of course.

The services, like those on your car, being very much like our lesser sum for annual licence fees, are an accepted level of cost.

Ok, earlier I mentioned no options, as over time we have taken pride in a value for money, fully functionally rich, solution delivered to our customer, all as standard wiith your new software. Of course, with the natural growth and progression of the offering, we have added a few options – check out the industry leading standard features below and you will find the very few non standard options right at the end of the list.

Very much like a sleeper car, a wolf in sheeps clothing! However, refined enough that you don’t need a  specialist driver.

AutoSoft was developed working with a wide range of new and used car dealers with the goal of ensuring profitable management of all aspects of this trade. AutoSoft gives you control of the vehicles from the purchase(trade) date, and does so at every level, until it has been sold. AutoSoft frees the management and staff from the mundane tasks that reduce time spent on profitable activities, thus allowing the team to focus on profit related business effort.

The critical costs incurred when reconditioning the vehicles, so important in their impact on profitability, are recorded for your action. Creditors accounts, reconditioning and VAT are automatically updated after each transaction has taken place, with no additional admin required.

Being able to view the full financial vehicle details, such as seller, buyer, reconditioning cost and profit, right on the screen—you will know exactly what your profit per vehicle is.

Powerful reporting enables AutoSoft to make it easy to run your business. With the Invoice generation module you can INVOICE a vehicle and easily add extras such as Warranties on the fly. Faster and more profitable upsell per transaction. Additionally it automatically loads the trade-in once the vehicle is sold.

The AutoSoft enabled dealer knows exactly what the value and age of his stock is.

AutoSoft vehicle register provides him with a complete record of all his purchases (trade-ins) and sales.

AutoSoft takes care of one most contentious and critical aspects of the trade – the salesman’s performance and commission calculations, supported by comprehensive reporting to ensure accuracy and consensus.


  • Painless, accurate management of Salesman Commissions & Sales
  • Consignment Stock accurately tracked lowering potential Risk
  • Pro-forma Invoice and Sales Invoice generator
  • Cost Centres – summaries of costs, done per cost centre, for better control and less risk
  • Comprehensive Reporting – including Stock Values, Price listings & Profit Listings for better management
  • Purchase Details
  • MM Codes Preloaded
  • Vehicle Extras – managed with ease
  • Offer to Purchase
  • Vehicle Quotes qt the push of a button
  • General and Sundry Vehicle Notes
  • Vehicle Adverts
  • Integrates to your Website without Additional Admin.
  • Stock Reports – Huge Selection for Operations and Management
  • Total Reconditioning Cost Management
  • Vehicle Appraisal Form for Complete Risk Evaluation
  • Automated VAT
  • Over Allowance
  • Invoicing
  • Define Reconditioning Costs
  • Consignment Vehicle Stock Management
  • Sales Reports for Profitable Sales Management
  • Comprehensive Stock Management
  • Admin, Reconditioning and Sundry Costs on Vehicles enable Profit Management and reduction of Risk
  • OTP’s
  • Very Comprehensive Reporting at All Business Levels
  • Fully documented for all compliance and statutory regulations
  • VAT 264 forms
  • 2nd Hand Goods Register
  • OTP and Invoice Terms and Conditions
  • Manage 2nd Gross Profits
  • Manage General Expenses
  • Debtors and Creditors Management
  • Create Sundry Invoices
  • Bank Settlement Notes
  • Purchase Orders
  • Manage Aftersales
  • 2nd Gross Management
  • F&I Management
  • Floor Plan Management
  • Debtors Management – including Outstanding Debtor Payments
  • Outstanding Creditor Payments
  • All Dealership Expenses Configured
  • VAT Reports
  • D.O.C.’s (Daily Operating Control) Optimizes Your Operational Effort
  • Purchase Orders
  • Manage Aftersales Effortlessly


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